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Chiropractic and Kids

Many parents  seeking chiropractic treatments at Markham Chiropractic + Rehab often ask Markham Chiropractor, Dr. Ng “Can my kids benefit from Chiropractic care?”  

The answer is “Yes!” 

See one of our 10 year-old patient, Lilian, explains how chiropractic can help you.

While a child’s problems may not be as severe as their parents’, children often have issues such as scoliosis, headaches and back pain which can be due to physical stresses at school (such as wearing heavy back packs, using the computer and/or using cell phones for texting).

To schedule a Chiropractic appointment for your kids, give our office a call 905-554-2118.

What Scoliosis Surgery looks like!

One of the most jaw-dropping pictures of scoliosis surgery I have ever seen! Yes, those are RODS (17 by my count) that are sticking out of someone’s spine!

This picture is posted on a neurosurgeon’s website. Note that the name of this picture
is less_invasive_surgical_correction_of_adult.jpg

“Less invasive” – How scary is that???

If you or someone you know has scoliosis, give our Markham Chiropractic office a call at 905-554-2118 to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can help you with scoliosis.