John R.

Look no further! You have found that rare professional that gets it all right–from exceptional, superior knowledge driven care, to precision, on-time, practice management. Under the care of another doctor (whom I greatly respect), I had spent 2 weeks, flat on my back, in bed with terrible back pain. He had helped me before, but this time we weren’t making progress. Out of desperation, I mentioned my situation while standing in a crowded retail establishment. I got the referral from a gentleman clear on the other side of the room. He said “No matter how much I’ve built him up, when you meet him, he’s even better.” This was a true understatement. Dr. Ng took the time to explain my situation to where I really understood it for the first time. Then he used his used his superior knowledge and skills to devise a treatment plan that gave me relief with the first adjustment. After 1/2 month off-work, I was productive again. “No matter how much I build him up…” Now I’m doing it!” Just make your appointment! As you walk in, Amy will great you with her delightful smile and before you know it, you will be saying “No matter how much I build him up…”