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We are OPEN on Family Day!

Markham Chiropractic + Rehab will be OPEN on Family Day (Monday February 15 from 2pm to 7pm) in order to help those who have the day off and are needing Chiropractic, Acupuncture or Physiotherapy care.

We only have a few more appointments left for the day, so give us a call at 905-554-2118 to schedule!

Ankle Sprains

As summer is approaching, there will be more and more outdoor activities.  Running, beach volleyball and basketball are popular with weekend warriors and are also common causes of sprained ankles .

The most common ankle sprain we see at Markham Chiropractic + Rehab is when your foot turns inwards (aka inversion ankle sprain). This type of injury stretches the ankle ligaments (either the anterior talofibular ligament and/or calcaneofibular ligament) causing pain, swelling and gait imbalance.

It is important to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but sprained ankles will get in the way of you staying active.

Physiotherapy services at Markham Chiropractic + Rehab will help you focus on the path of a speedy recovery with active exercises, mobilization and passive therapies.  More importantly, addressing the ankle sprain quickly will make sure you heal properly and prevent future injuries.

For more information, feel free to call our office at 905-554-2118.

Happy summer!

Physiotherapy Mobilization + Shoulder Pain

Physiotherapy mobilization is a form of active manual treatment provided by Maria Enriquez to help decrease pain, increase range of motion and increase joint lubrication.

It involves providing manual oscillations (motion) into a  joint (i.e. shoulder, knee, wrist, etc.) at various grades (intensity) depending on the goal of treatment.  It is effective in helping patients with injuries such as tendinitis or rotator cuff problems.

In addition to mobilization, the physiotherapy session will include active therapies (exercises) which will help to strengthen muscles that are too weak or loosen muscles that are tight.

To learn more about physiotherapy services at Markham Chiropractic + Rehab, contact 905-554-2118.

We file your insurance for you!

One of the most frequently asked questions from new patients is, “Can your office direct bill with my insurance?”  The answer is, YES!  Unlike offices where the patients have to pay for the services and then get reimbursed by the insurance, our office will file directly with your insurance.

As a result:

  • You pay less.
  • You don’t have to fill out confusing forms.
  • You won’t have anything to mail to your insurance company.
  • You don’t have to wait to get reimbursed.

Insurance companies we can file:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan
  • Desjardins Insurance
  • Great West Life Assurance Company
  • Green Shield
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Johnson Inc
  • Manulife Financial
  • Maximum Benefit or Johnston Group
  • Standard Life Assurance Company
  • Sun Life Financial

Although rare, there are some insurance plans that will not allow offices to direct bill – our office will help you determine if your insurance permits direct billing.

If you have any question, give our office a call at 905-554-2118

In a Car Accident?

After a car accident, you often experience whiplash associated symptoms and are unsure what to do and who to see regarding your pain and discomfort.  Chiropractic,  Acupuncture and Physiotherapy services can help with reducing pain, improving range of motion and improving strength of muscles affected by whiplash.

Effective December 1, 2014, there was a huge change in how health care providers can bill for motor vehicle accident cases.  Health care providers must be licensed with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) in order to be able to directly bill the car insurance for health care services provided.  If a provider is not licensed with FSCO, the patient will have to pay out-of-pocket for services directly to the health care provider and then submit the receipts to the car insurance company for reimbursement.

Markham Chiropractic + Rehab is a licensed service provider with FSCO and we are equipped to process all of the paperwork required for motor vehicle accidents.

What does this mean to YOU?

  • We can directly bill your car insurance for health care services and you do not have to pay for services up-front and then submit a receipt for reimbursement
  • You can focus on getting better and not have to deal with all of the paperwork involved
  • Markham Chiropractic + Rehab’s goal is to  eliminate any paperwork and additional stress on you during this stressful time

To schedule an appointment or if you have any questions, call 905-554-2118.

Pre + Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

We’ve been getting several inquiries about pre and post-surgery rehabilitation services at Markham Chiropractic + Rehab  and what our health care providers can do to help them recover, heal quicker and/or rebuild muscular strength with Chiropractic, Acupuncture or Physiotherapy.

Many of these outpatient surgeries happen at nearby hospitals in Markham and patients are often given limited at-home exercises to perform on their own (without any supervision) and/or are told to find an office where they can get one-on-one treatment for Chiropractic, Acupuncture or Physiotherapy.

Markham Chiropractic + Rehab’s very own physiotherapy resident, Maria Enriquez, has extensive experience working with PRE and POST surgery candidates to help maintain the function, strength and range of motion of the muscles and joints pre-surgery or helping the patient regain near to full range of motion post-surgery.  In addition, to assist with the healing process, Dr. Derek Ng, can utilize Acupuncture around the surgical site.

Why Choose Us Blog will tell you a little more about our office and why Markham Chiropractic + Rehab aims to become the go-to Chiropractic + Rehabilitation office for your health care needs in Markham, Richmond Hill, Stouffville and surrounding areas.

If you are needing more information, give our office a call at 905-554-2118.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Ng and Maria Enriquez strive to provide results-oriented Chiropractic and Physiotherapy care in Markham, Unionville, Richmond Hill, Stouffville, Scarborough and surrounding areas.

Our Markham health care providers have a combined 24 years of clinical experience in the health care industry and they work together to ensure patients receive the best Chiropractic and Physiotherapy care.

The best decision you can make for yourself with choosing a health care office is by doing your research and asking questions.  We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have – simply give us a call at 905-554-2118.

Why Choose Our Office?

1. Dr. Ng and Maria provide one-on-one personal Chiropractic and Physiotherapy treatments in private rooms (no open gym feel) and without the use of assistants/support staff!  So you can rest assured, that you are receiving the best health care for your  health concerns.

2. Our health care providers focus on a hands-on ACTIVE approach. This means, you will be doing exercises and/or receiving mobilizations/manipulations (aka adjustments). Our goal is to get you feeling and functioning better, faster!

3. If PASSIVE therapies (i.e. muscle stimulation and/or intersegmental traction) are recommended, we provide them as an adjunct to active treatments and it is at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

4. Our office is conveniently located in McCowan Medical Center at the SE Corner of McCowan and Highway 7 (diagonally across from Markville Mall and in the same plaza as TD Bank) and is accessible by car, foot or bus (VIVA or TTC).

5. FREEAMPLE and EASY parking available for our patients at the front or back of the medical building.

6. Our office can electronically file insurance claims for your Chiropractic or Physiotherapy visits which results in LESS OUT-OF-POCKET and LESS PAPERWORK for you!

7. Our office accepts patients who have sustained injuries at work and/or from motor vehicle accidents.  Our office handles all of the WSIB and MVA paperwork so that there is NO OUT-OF-POCKET expense for you.

8. We value your time.  We strive for a no wait policy for the initial and subsequent visits at Markham Chiropractic + Rehab  which means that once you fill out your paperwork or arrive to our office, you will be seen by Dr. Ng or Maria.

9. Referrals are NOT REQUIRED to see Dr. Ng or Maria.  The only scenario that a referral would be required is if your extended health insurance requires one before the visit is covered. Call Amy at 905-554-2118 if you have any insurance questions.

10. Our team members simply LOVE what we do and it is translated in what we do, why we do it and how we do it.  It doesn’t matter what we say, but what our patients say.  Click here to hear what our patients have to say.

We trust that you will give Markham Chiropractic + Rehab the opportunity to help you with your health care needs.

Call 905-554-2118 to schedule your appointment. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Wrist pain can affect a wide range of people with different types of jobs.  At Markham Chiropractic + Rehab , we have seen wrist pain affect those who work as massage therapists, in an office setting (such as prolonged use of the computer) and/or in manual labour settings (such as a carpenter).

For example, an office worker (who uses the computer for prolonged periods of time) may complain of wrist pain which affects the patient from the wrist crease down to the hand. They may experience symptoms such as pain, numbness and/or tingling which could indicate compression of the median nerve within the carpal tunnel.  Without rehabilitation interventions such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture and/or Physiotherapy, the condition may progress  further resulting in pain to reach the forearm and even shoulder.

Let our Markham health care providers, Dr. Derek Ng or Maria Enriquez provide the best Chiropractic, Acupuncture and/or Physiotherapy to help you with your wrist pain.

Give our office a call at 905-554-2118 to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions.

Use it or Lose it!

We’re approaching that time of the year again – “use it or lose it!” Each year, many patients lose out on hundreds of dollars through their extended health insurance provider, simply because time has slipped away. We know life gets busy and before you know it, another year has come and gone and you have not seen your Chiropractor or Physiotherapy Resident for your health care needs!

Don’t forget to take advantage of your remaining health insurance benefits before the end of the year!

Call our office today at 905-554-2118 to schedule an appointment.